Weight Loss

HCG Weight Loss


HCG is a truly exciting approach to weight loss.  Through daily injections of the natural HCG hormone, clients are not only finding fast and safe weight loss but they are also experiencing a reshaping of their bodies. HCG works to release energy from stored fat, enabling weight loss without the usual unwelcome hunger pangs and irritability. Most clients report an increased feeling of well being, and satiety as well as an increase in energy despite being calorie restricted. The focus is on eating whole foods and drinking lots of fresh water daily. We follow Dr. Simeon’s original protocol. Losing one half to one pound per day is typical.  HCG is an effective form of weight loss for both men and women.

How does HCG work?
HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that is produced naturally in a women’s body when she is pregnant.  During the program, clients self-administer minute amounts of the hormone on a daily basis.  These very small amounts of HCG disconnect the abnormally stored fat from your body and then burn and discharge that unwanted fat through the kidneys. HCG is unique from other diets because the hormone is actually able to open fat cell membranes so that fatty acids are able to leave fat cells.  Combined with a low calorie diet, your body is forced to release and metabolize this abnormally stored fat to reach the needed energy levels.  Because of this, you are able to ingest a 500-calorie diet while still maintaining your normal energy levels.

What is  HCG program?
We offer a variety of programs to meet the various needs of our clients.  We offer both a 23-injection program and a 40-injection program.  All programs come with an initial consultation, a physical and all of the materials you will need to complete the program.  We also offer a variety of other services including weekly weigh-ins, nutrition counseling, fitness coaching and B12 energy shots.

How can I survive on a 500-calorie diet?
Because of the HCG, fat is being released and your body is able to use it for energy.  On the HCG diet, you won’t burn muscle tissue, only fat.

How much weight can I realistically plan on losing?
The majority of clients lose ½ to 1 full pound per day.  Clients that complete the 23 injection program can realistically plan on losing up to 15 pounds and those that complete the 40 injection program can realistically plan on losing up to 25 pounds.  Generally men will lose more weight than women.